Thursday, 28 May 2015

Extensive Range Handi Skips

Grinners Skips is the largest provider of handi skips townsville. Our extensive range of morel and hook type skip bins means that we have the right bin for any kind of job.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ideal Skip Bins for Home

Grinners Skips has a wide range of skip bins ranging in size from 2 - 6m skips Bin Hire through Grinners Skips - our new online skip bin booking service. Grinners can assist you by providing the right bin to dispose of your general waste. Our skip bins are ideal for home renovations, office or home clean-ups and construction wastes.

We realize that it can be difficult to visualize the difference between various bin sizes so we have put together the information below to help you to choose the right size bin for your rubbish removal job. Our range of skips and bins is second to none so we are confident that we can match the right size bin for your rubbish removal needs.

By investing a little measure of energy pressing receptacles legitimately you will get incredible worth from the utilization of our containers. Great pressing kills overabundance "air" openings and "spaces" between the things you are setting in the canister. Cut tree limbs into little pieces and separate things, for example, old furniture and so forth.

Grinners Skips is ideal if for those who live on a battleaxe block, as a regular skip bin cannot be placed at the start of the driveway as it blocks access to all other occupants. Grinners Skips guarantees a prompt delivery and removal service. We use our bins so when it comes to packing bins we have become very skilled and expert in getting the most into a bin.

We have a range of specialized skips and bins such as 'skip bins with doors'. These are available with swinging tail-gates, drop down ramps or a wheelbarrow door. We also have certified Skip’s bins for use with our extra large capacity big bins when waste and rubbish needs to be taken down from high-rise buildings or from difficult locations. With such a wide range of bins this will make your rubbish removal job so much easier.

We specialize in bulk rubbish disposal and recycling, or if you require skip or bin hire for one-off clean ups and removal of rubbish we can help. Our skip bins are suitable for residential, commercial and customers and used for garden waste, general rubbish or clean fill. We can provide any bin size, almost anywhere within Townsville.  If you've found a better deal, then email us and we will see if we can do it cheaper. Grinners give you ‘that little bit more for that little bit less. 

We offer 2.5m3 & 4.5m3 bins for the price others charge for their 2m3 & 4m3 bins.  We now offer 6m3 bins for extra large jobs. We tailor our service to what you need.  We listen to what suits you. Grinners ‘when you need it now’ service specializes in same day delivery.  See section on ‘need it now’ for more information. We look forward to hearing from you please give us a call and a skip bin hire expert will be there to answer all your questions. For more information visit the site

Friday, 22 May 2015

Easy Way to Get Rid From Waste

The best waste management companies in Townsville including skip hire and waste removal. Covering recycling, waste disposal, sanitation services, industrial, hazardous and environmental solutions.
Grinners Skips responsible for managing Townsville’s waste, recycling and recovery and has extensive knowledge of the requirements of local residents and commercial businesses. You know when you call Grinners Skips you are getting the highest level customer and community commitment. 

We are a family operated business offering great customer service, prompt delivery and an extensive range of skip sizes. At Grinners Skips, we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment with the purchase of new hybrid trucks and upgrades to our recycling plants.

Grinners Skips provide an easy, manageable way to dispose of your building, garden or other waste. Dropped at your doorstep and picked up again when ready, it's a much more efficient way of getting rid of waste than trip after trip to the dump with a trailer. Grinners Skips come in many sizes to suit your requirements and include 6m skips Bin Hire, 2m skips Bin Hire, and 4m skips Bin Hire.

Grinners Skips pride itself on service and delivery and our wide range of minis kips, skips and bins. With seven sizes, and plenty of stock, there's a skip to suit your needs. If you have a need for Skip Bins & Rubbish Removal products or services, you will know that experience and product knowledge are vital.
Rubbish removal services, rubbish and skip bin suppliers and all the basic essentials of Skip Bins & Renovators cleanup are available from Handi Skips, in Townsville. You can contact us by email at any time, or by phone at phone during business hours, for helpful and professional assistance with any and all of your Skip Bins & Rubbish Removal needs.

The type of skip bin you’ll need depends on the type of refuse you want hauled away. For instance, household and yard waste, furniture, clothes, cardboard, glass, yard waste, scrap metal, fencing material and small tree stumps are some of the items you can place in a general purpose skip bin.

 Only Grinners Skips bins are perfect for those pesky jobs like cleaning out your basement, garage or garden waste. Builders skip bins are just right when you’ve decided to renovate. The large skip bins can handle bulky items like large mattresses, appliances, large furniture and bed frames. Our commercial containers can handle just about anything you can throw at them. These containers are priced per tonnage and transport. You’ll need to contact our offices for availability and delivery times.

Need a rubbish removal business? We have all you need to know before hiring rubbish removal businesses. Call today for advice on skips and rubbish removal for your household rubbish, commercial use right through to Industrial bins for builders and renovators. We provide convenient, reliable and competitively priced skip bin hire services to homeowners. We are a full service skip company and we realize that one size does not fit all, so we are happy to work with you to provide you with a solution for your waste collection needs.   For more information visit the site .

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Long and Short Term Skip Hire

We have an extensive range of skip sizes for both domestic and commercial hire. We have the facilities to offer Long Term skip Hire and short term hire to both commercial and domestic customers within the Townsville area. We have great deals with the most reliable, and responsible local skip hire providers.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Renovators Cleanup in Townsville


Grinners Skips specialize in all commercial and domestic demolitions, and plant hire. Our team minimizes waste, recycling as many materials as possible through our on-site secondhand yard which sells virtually the full range of used building materials – timber, steel,  internal and external wooden, French and glass sliding doors, casement and glass sliding windows; kitchen benches; cupboards; vanities; spas and so much more.             

Our business, and your business, is of the most astounding significance. We Service regions from Townsville furthermore encompassing territories. We take our position, and the obligation, to you, our customer to a great degree genuinely. Our group of cleaners is all prepared in all parts of cleaning-aptitudes. Regularly we have particular cleaners that may have particular aptitudes, for example, clear cleaning, that you may require.
Whether you need a Domestic cleaner, a clear clean, or you are a business customer, we promise you that, as our customer, we will issue you quick, proficient administration, the cleaner we appoint, will be security checked, dependable, and will clean your property to the faultless standard, that you, request, and we as the supplier ought to convey. Call us now and permit us to demonstrate to you exactly how we are viewed as the pioneer in the cleaning business.
Renovations require thorough planning as they can be hectic projects. Hire a professional to set up a revamped kitchen with contemporary appeal. Renovators cleanup Townsville is meant to spruce up the kitchen. Therefore, you need to replace or repair broken and jaded kitchen cabinets, working table tops and cupboards. Kitchen Designers will advise you on whether to repaint, or wax kitchen elements including chairs, stools and Kitchen Island. Also replace the unsightly faucets and sinks that tend to look rusty with sleek looking faucets. Refinishing the kitchen surfaces will make your kitchen look as good as new. 

Get a Renovation and integrate a theme that will automatically lighten up the mood of your kitchen setting. Renovator’s cleanup Townsville requires the use of quality materials to enhance the kitchen's durability and utility. Getting rid of ineffectual kitchen elements and appliances can help create more usable space in your kitchen. You should also choose kitchen lighting and a color shade that will brighten up your kitchen and make it feel cozier.

We have great deals with the most reliable, and responsible local skip hire providers. We have an extensive range of skips for hire in all sizes to suit your specifications. Whether you're simply clearing out your loft or doing a full house clearance, we will supply you with the right sized skip to manage the amount of waste being removed. 

We are a family owned business who takes pride in offering a friendly, efficient and professional service to our domestic customers across a large area Townsville. We offer a wait and load service for all loading sessions which last within half an hour. We can also offer long term and short term skip hire to all domestic and commercial customers based in Townsville. For more information visit the site .